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from Art That Grows

Here are some important considerations to follow from Art That Grows when preparing your garden for planting and your lawn for healthy growth:



Cut back roses at limb joints, ornamental grasses, liriope at the crown of the plant, and perennials to just above the ground, or where new growth isn’t showing. Don’t trim hydrangeas at this time; wait until fall. Trim Crepe Myrtles carefully.


Add an organic finely ground composted soil to all beds.
Don’t use hardwood bark mulch or cypress mulch in beds, but it can be used in pathways, under playground or swing sets


Pre-Emergent to address new weeds.

Weed Killer

Saint Augustine


A Note About Round-Up: Round-Up can be a helpful weed or plant killer, espe-cially when used in areas where other plants don’t reside: sidewalks, drive-ways, decomposed granite or gravel walkways. It kills from the leave down to the roots with typically only one application.

Formulas previous to 2023 had the chemical glyphosate in them, which many believe is a carcinogenic and can lead to diseases such as ALS. As a result Bayer, the parent company, was sued, paid out millions and agreed to remove glypho-sate from its residential formulary. If using Round-Up, please wear a mask and gloves.

Safer Weed Killers: A more environmentally safe weed killer combines 1 gallon of vinegar, 1 cup of salt, and 1 tablespoon of dish soap (preferably Dawn), mixed in a sprayer and apply directly to weeds. The vinegar kills the leaves, the salt and dish soap kill the roots, so be careful in the application of other plants. This solution works best when the heat of the day activates the acid of the vine-gar, so should be used when temperatures are above 75 degrees.

Lawn and Bed Fertilizers: Lawn fertilizers can be applied 4 times annually: March, May, July & September, but twice a year is also good! Beds should be fertilized at least once a year, but can be fertilized every six months as well. Use Ironite to add acidity to our soil, and an organic fertilizer like Milorganite.

Proper Lawn & Garden preparation creates a healthy spring and summer landscape for you to enjoy with an email to or call to Art That Grows at 214-987-0006.




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