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Useful Landscaping Ideas, Tips and Best Practices concerning landscape and garden design, xeriscape and hardscape design, construction, installation and maintenance in the Dallas and surrounding  North Texas area. For more information, call 214.987.0006. 

Let's discuss your outdoor work of art.


Starting Fresh or Doing a Refresh

We have 6 Key Landscaping Principles to creating a landscape and garden that beautifully complements your home. Follow these principles from Art That Grows:

  1. Use Flanking and Framing to complement your home’s architecture

  2. Showcase Larger Plant Types in a way that doesn’t compete with the home’s architecture, but rather creates an inviting and welcoming “hug” to the home

  3. Create Tiers and Layering of different plants beginning in the foreground with grass or ground cover and finishing as a backdrop with large shrubs or trees. Then fill the space between with varied-height plantings

  4. Use Evergreens at the back and up-front, and deciduous or perennial in the middle

  5. Consider the style of your home, its color and your landscape’s color, and natural and artificial lighting levels

  6. Choose a Plant Palate that ensures success, one that will endure the extreme weather conditions of North Texas

Let us be your guide for creating a landscape that beautifully accentuates your home with an  email to or call to Art That Grows at 214-987-0006.


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