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Useful Ideas, Tips and Best Practices concerning landscape and garden design, xeriscape and hardscape design, construction, installation and maintenance in the Dallas and surrounding  North Texas area. For more information, call 214.987.0006. 

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There is much that can be done now to start the spring season off with a healthy, attractive, colorful landscape. Here are 9 tips your landscape will love.

  • Plan a new or updated landscape design

  • If you have not already, remove all annual plants, thoroughly rake and clean-up debris

  • Water and cut back perennials

  • Plant spring blooming bulbs up until mid-January, but wait until after last frost for plants such as elephant ears

  • Prune shrubs and trees just before spring or early spring

  • Set-up planters and gardens

  • Add or refresh mulch

  • Apply fertilizer

  • Plant an early vegetable garden in January and February 

Make your landscape blossom and flourish this spring with an email to or call to Art That Grows at 214-987-0006.


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