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Early-on, we discovered that the secret to maintaining long-lasting, beautiful lawns and gardens was proper irrigation and drainage. And for just over 40 years, we have considered drainage and irrigation systems to be an integral part of the foundation for building a successful, lasting landscape.

Channeling Rainwater Run-off


Construct a natural, environmentally friendly shrub and stone landscape feature


Roof and neighbor rainwater run-offs, and even a nearby creek overflow, are water control issues that can be anticipated for new-home construction or included in a landscape plan. Equally, we address these drainage issues for existing homes when changes in climate or area water channeling brings excess water onto  your property. Contact us while planning. before construction or, afterward when a water problem develops. Art That Grows can help prevent or remedy excess water collection and pooling and the resultant wet, soggy areas, excessive plant moisture, and interior home flooding. We are experts at water control. Through proper grading, and tile and french drain  installation we'll channel all excess water to municipal or natural collection points. 


We plan irrigation systems  to provide the best delivery of water to your lawn, ground cover, decorative and flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. Each has a specific watering requirement that we consider: soil type and quality,  absorption rate, elevations and drainage, plant nutrient delivery requirements, fertilization, and even seasonal conditions that merit manual or automatic control.  

We also keep your irrigation system up-to-date, adding extensions to existing lines and installing new lines to meet your landscaping improvements.

Accidents will happen. We are on-call to fix or repair damage to sprinkler lines, heads, junction box controls and to adjust that main sprinkler management unit. 


Turtle Creek Renovation


Plan and Install Irrigation System based on Landscape and Garden Design

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