PORTFOLIO of Art That Grows

Every area surrounding your home is an opportunity to bring beauty and joy into your life, those close to you, and to everyone that visits. If you are planning a small green addition or large landscape, garden and outdoor living space, take this opportunity to begin something beautiful with us with a simple call to 214.987.0006. 

Let's discuss your outdoor work of art.

Welcoming, Neighborly Appeal — Your Beautiful  Face Forward —  
A distinctive, beautifully landscaped greeting
M Streets - Lakewood Front Landscape
Stately Residence Entrance Remodel
Curbside Landscaping
Fall Home Entry Landscaping
M Street Planting of Front Yard
Well-maintained Traditional Home
Large Residence Front Exterior
Entrance Detail Multi-colored Plants
Formal Entry-way to Classical Home
Expansive Front Lawn with Plantings
Stately Home Entrance with Plantings
Lush Driveway with Flowered Border
Lush, Colorful Tiered Landscape
Great Colorful Drive-up Appeal
Tradition Red Brick Formal Entrance
Large Lawn with Seasonal Flowers
Beautiful, Enjoyable Private Spaces — Patios, arbors, decks – of wood and stone
Multi-area Patios - Stone Walkways
Plantings & Wide Stonework Walkways
Backyard with Multiple Patios
Backyard Wooden Deck with Plantings
In-the-Trees Wooden Patio Deck
Opposing View of Wooden Patio Deck
Lush, Intimate, Private Patio Space
Large Multi-level Gazebo
Gardens – Outside Pleasures — Lush, distinctive and attractive lawns, gardens, shrubs, and pathways
Expansive Private Lawn and Garden
Semi-Casual Backyard Landscape
Second View of Semi-Casual Backyard
Third View of Semi Casual Backyard
Soft Garden Brick Pathway
Window View Tiered Fountain
Unique Stone Fountain Water Feature
Downs of Churchill Way Nestled Area
Refreshing Water Features — Decorative or lake-centered fountains, pool-side verandahs, decks and plantings
Tiered Fountain with Window View
Private Lake Installed Fountain
Contemporary Pool-side Setting
Lux Verandah, Pool and Birch Planter
Contemporary Pool-Side Colonnade
Pool Area Low Height Planting
Attractive Pool Landscaping
Aerial of Miramar and Casa Caribe
Entrance to Miramar and Casa Caribe
Privacy Planting at Ocean-side Villa
Beautiful Tropical Pool-Side Setting
Pool Setting with Verandah
Xeriscapes in the Spirit of Texas — Climate and environmentally friendly landscaping construction and plantings
Xeriscape Dry French Drain
Xeriscape at Pool & Fountain
Close-up of Xeriscape French Drain
ArtGrass — Time and Place for Unnatural Beauty — Attractive utility for heavy use and hard-to-reach areas
ArtGrass Under-feet in Pool Areas
ArtGrass Synthetic Artificial Grass
When Artificial's the Optimum Choice
ArtGrass & Pets are Best Friends
Let's discuss your Art That Grows