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ARTGRASSTM by Art That Grows

ART GRASS OVERVIEW Every area surrounding your home is an opportunity to bring beauty and joy into your life, those close to you, and to everyone that visits. If you are planning a small green addition or large landscape, garden and outdoor living space, take this opportunity to begin something beautiful with us with a simple call to 214.987.0006. 

Let's discuss your outdoor work of art.

Types of Artificial Grass - ACTUAL GRASS CLOSE-UP IMAGES
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ArtGrass for  Difficult to Mow Areas

ArtGrass is ideal for areas where you would like the beauty of lush grass, but access is difficult for mowing and upkeep. Plus, ArtGrass is comfortable under-foot. Think small grassy areas around a patio or pool, an elevated level on top of a decorative or retaining wall, or a steep bank.

Examples of ArtGrass applications.

ArtGrass is a synthetic fiber with characteristics that produce a highly realistic appearance in both color and texture. Our ArtGrass is bacteria, fungus, and natural and animal contaminant resistant.


You can select the style and durability grade of grass that will perform best in light-use, decorative areas, medium treading, and high-traffic use. 

ArtGrass installation consists of multiple layers to ensure grass longevity, soil attachment, and proper drainage of water and sediments. 

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