Plant for Sun & Shade – 30 Recommendations

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Plant for North Texas Heat plus Abundant Color and Bloom

Art That Grows would like to put a smile on your face every-time you step outdoors! Spring is here and we're ready - and still able - to update the annual color for your home.


For shade to partial shade, we recommend Aspidistra, Begonias, Caladiums, Coleus, Impatiens, Ferns and Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Mahonia Soft Caress, Mondo Grass, Vinca / Periwinkle.

For Partial Sun to Partial Shade, Dwarf Fringe Flower (Loropetalum), Red Muhly Grass, Big Blue Liriope, Lenten Rose


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Alyssum (Snow Princess, Sweet Alyssum)
Annual, Heat tolerant, full sun to partial shade, constant bloom
Angelonia (Summer Snapdragon)
Annual, Full Sun, blooms spring, summer and fall until frost, reliable Texas performer, heat tolerant
Aspidistra (Cast Iron Plant)
Hardy perennial evergreen, light shade to deep shade, upper third develops white vegetation as season progresses, holds color in winter
Perennial on coast, annual in North Texas, sun and shade tolerant with afternoon shade, drought tolerant, long-blooming
Big Blue Liriope
Evergreen Ground Cover, Full Sun to Mostly Shade, Dry Shade Tolerant
Black-eyed Susan
Perennial / Annual, Blooms through late summer, full sun
Full sun to partial and full shade, heat tolerant, varied, colorful annual plant
Annual grown for variety and striking foliage, partial shade to shade
Dianthus (Pinks)
Annual / Hardy Perennial, full sun to partial shade, blooms spring to late summer into fall, fragrant blooms
Dwarf Fringe Flower (Loropetalum)
Evergreen, year-around color, partial shade to sun, drought resistant, blooms mid-spring
Shade to partial sun, however some varieties do well in bright light and dryish soil such as the Southern Shield Fern, evergreen
Perennial, blooms late spring through fall, partial sun to partial shade
Hydrangea Paniculata (Limelight)
Sun to partial shade, flowers late summer and fall, blooms change color from white to pink to brown, deciduous shrub
Hydrangea (Endless Summer)
Blooms on previous year’s branches and new season growth, blue, purple or pink flowers spring through summer, partial shade, deciduous
Annual, blooms through summer and fall, partial sun, the closer they are planted the taller they will grow – space accordingly
Japanese Maple (Coral Bark)
Coral – Pink foliage in spring, and gold, orange or red in fall, brilliant red color on young branches, Partial to full sun. Deciduous with dense branches.
Japanese Yew
Ornamental evergreen, prefers sun but tolerant of moderate shade, even deep shade with pruning. Prune to control growth and shape. Use for vertical element, topiary, and hedges.
Perennial in nature, may be planted as annual, blooms spring into fall, plant in fall for winter blooms, full sun, occasional shearing produces blooms on new growth
Lenten Rose (Helleborus Orientalis)
Perennial, blooms late winter to mid-spring, partial sun to full shade, returns year-after-year with increased stems
Mahonia, (Soft Caress)
Evergreen, drought tolerant, blooms in spring and early winter, partial shade to shade
Mondo Grass
Evergreen, ground cover, perennial, partial to full shade, good substitute for Liriope, produces small berry
Plum Yew Fastigiata
Evergreen, full sun – partial shade, heat tolerant, good flanking shrub
Potato Vine – Jasmine Nightshade (Solanum Jasminoides)
Perennial, deciduous, full sun, partial shade, deep green to blackish leaf, white flower in spring and sporadically throughout season. They do not grow potatoes.
Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomoea
Rapid growth annual / tender perennial over winter, replant in spring. Full sun to partial shade. Prune to control spread and foster blooms.
Perennial (protect for freeze) or plant as annual, blooms all summer even in high heat, full sun (prefers) to partial shade
Variegated Pittosporum
Evergreen, blooms early spring, sun to partial sun
Red Muhly Grass
Full Sun to Partial Shade, flowers late summer through fall, perennial, in winter flowers turn tan to beige
Salvia Leucathus (Mexican Bush Sage)
Sun to Partial Sun, dormant in winter, flowers late summer until frost, Evergreen
Savannah Holly
Evergreen, Full Sun to Partial Shade, drought resistant, mature height 10’ – 30’, red berries
Vinca major/minor (Periwinkle)
Vinca major/minor (Periwinkle) – Evergreen ground cover / perennial blooms of white, blue and purple from spring through fall, winter interest. Partial sun, prefer partial shade, shade, and tolerate deep shade. Drought tolerant, do not over water. Note: The main difference between Vinca major and Vinca minor is that the leaves of V. major are slightly broader, larger, ovate, or heart shaped, while those of V. minor are small, elongated, lance-shaped.
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For sun, the plants are: Alyssum, Angelonia, Black-eyed Susan, Dianthus, Japanese Maple (Coral Bark), Lantana, Penta,  Potato Vine, Sweet Potato Vine, Savannah Holly, Salvia Leucathus, and Variegated Pittosporum, Plum Yew Fastigiata, and Dwarf Yaupon Holly.

Our spring planting runs through May. Please let us know your plant choices and color preferences. We are also glad to help you with that decision.

Let us add spring and summer color to your landscape so that every time you step outside your home brings a smile to your face with an  email to or call to Art That Grows at 214-987-0006.


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