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Useful Ideas, Tips and Best Practices concerning landscape and garden design, xeriscape and hardscape design, construction, installation and maintenance in the Dallas and surrounding  North Texas area. For more information, call 214.987.0006. 

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Perfect Practice, Makes Practice Perfect  And, with your landscape and garden, following the best seasonal practices for our North Texas climate requires a merit-badge quality company to prepare for your lush, flourishing 2023 landscape. Follow these practice-perfect-practices at Art That Grows.

10 Soil Preparation essentials to creating a healthy landscape and garden:

  1. Remove leaves, twigs, and dead plants

  2. Till soil

  3. Add and turn-in 2” – 3” of engineered soil with compost enriched organic matter that supports actual plant growth

  4. Cover your beds with 3” – 4” layer of mulch to mitigate weed growth or

  5. Use a weed and feed to stop germination

  6. Replace nutrients with organic or select chemical fertilizers

  7. Mix-in small amount of Bonemeal or Superphosphate per square yard

  8. Make sure that irrigation is in place (before planting)

  9. Ensure proper drainage

  10. Consider area lighting (before planting)


Prepare now with a free landscape and garden consultation with Art That Grows. Send us a message using the form below,   email to or call to Art That Grows at 214-987-0006.


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